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Rita Richardson

Posted on January 15 2018

It's been two weeks since Jill and I launched our site, Angels Unawear.  There has been so much prayer, preparation, and panic involved before the launch that the success of our first two weeks doesn't quite seem real--yet!

When you start the process to design, create, manufacture and market Christian girls apparel in today's fast changing marketplace it all can be quite dizzying!  After we settled on the best mix of product to highlight the combination of faith and fashion, we needed to finalize where to manufacture.  Our wish had always been to make everything in the USA and support our neighbors here at home.  Once again, God was amazing and opened the door. Today we are 100% Made In America.  This allows us to be more flexible and make the best product we can for our customer.

Angels Unawear also needed a place to call home---somewhere to design, store and distribute our goods.  Through an old friend we found the ICNC which is an incubator for new small local businesses.  It was a long process and at times didn't seem like it could possibly work out, but God was faithful and now we have a space that is perfect for us.

Giving back was a critical part of what Jill and I wanted to weave into our core as a company.  We wanted to find an organization that meshed with what we were trying to do through our company mission.  We loved Feed the Children because they were making lives better for kids all around the world through eliminating hunger and so much more.  It was a true honor when they accepted us, and we are so pleased that a portion of every sale goes to helping to prevent any child from going to bed hungry.

Then came all of the things you don't have time to think about, but can't run a business without them:  packaging, shipping, website, social media...the list goes on!  Having a business partner that has boundless energy is a true blessing.  I prayed for a partner that could be as passionate about this business as I am, and Jill has been an answer to that prayer!

As we barreled toward the launch date we weren't sure if we had "dotted every 'i' or crossed every 't'" but at some point it becomes a leap of faith!

So, here we are....two weeks in and Jill and I feel so blessed to have such incredible support of family and friends.  We depend on our "go to" people for all of the small and big moments of our lives.  This mighty crew has, as always, been so amazing that it's hard to express all the gratitude we feel but we will continually praise each and every sister, friend, husband, father, daughter, brother, aunt, mother for helping make Angels Unawear a success.

Our biggest thanks must go to every girl who's worn an Angels Unawear item.  They remind us exactly why we started this company.  Their hearts are filled with God's love.  They don't see differences in one another or ways that the world might try to divide them but rather they see a friend.  These children are our future and it is inspiring to see them wearing what they believe and sharing their faith with everyone they meet.

With heartfelt thanks!



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