Giving Feels Good - Pay it Forward. Give When You Can.

Jill Stoller

Posted on January 24 2018

It is a cold, snowy day here in Chicago. I am all bundled up in my coat, hat, and warm winter boots. I was ready for my day. Had my mental to do list, grabbed my phone, kissed my daughter goodbye and stopped at the coffee shop. I was good to go. I arrived downtown to head into my office and decided to cut through City Hall today, which I rarely do.  As I walked through City Hall I saw an older gentleman sitting on the ground trying to warm up by the heater. His shoes are sitting beside him, heels are all walked on because they do not fit him. He has a thin coat on. I do not see any other belongings with him. 

I walked right by him and my heart didn’t feel right. I immediately turned around and asked the man if there was anything I could do for him. Right next to where he was sitting was a small convenience store and so he asked if he could have some corn flakes. That was it. He wasn’t asking for much. I asked what else I could get for him because I wanted to do more. He said some juice. I went in & got him two containers of cereal, milk for the cereal and some juice. He thanked me over and over again. In my heart I felt there was more I could do for his man.

I asked him where his hat and gloves were. He didn’t have either. I gave him my gloves and knew he needed a hat. I ran to a nearby store, grabbed nicer gloves, hat and new socks for him. He was very thankful. 

I share this story not for praise but to remind everyone that WE can be the angel unaware that God uses to share His love. Sharing and giving FEELS GOOD! Neither this gentleman nor I knew our paths would cross but I believe God did.

I try to remind my daughter, my angel, that there are people who need help. We pray nightly for the people without shelter, without food, for the sick. Our children listen when we talk to them, when we pray with them. 

The other day my mother asked my daughter if you won the lottery what would you do with the money? She said “I would build houses for people who don’t have them”. They listen. Our children listen. 

Pay it forward. Give when you can. Lead by example for your children. 

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