Our One Year Anniversary!

Jill Stoller

Posted on January 12 2019

It has been a year since we launch what a year it's been! As year two begins we are reflecting out how truly grateful we are!

We started this company with a lot of hopes and dreams. We knew how important it was to make quality clothing, fashionable clothing making sure messages of hope, love, faith were at the forefront. We wanted our tops to inspire our girls and to remind them to be loving, to be hopeful, and to be kind. We wanted the core values of Christianity to be visual and displayed on out tops and in our girl's hearts. 

We have traveled to many different cities and have met so many of you. Hearing stories about your life and faith inspire us to keep designing and creating for you.

There is one story in particular that we want to share with you. A mom told us that her daughter was having some anxiety about an upcoming test and then she decided on the day of her test that she would wear our Allison "I am always with you" top because it would remind her He was with her and He would never leave her. This child wore what she believed and it brought her comfort. This is why we do what we do! 

We want to thank each and every one of you for your support during our first year of business. We wouldn't exist without you. Thank you for believing in our mission. We will continue to make cute clothes for girls, clothes that are modest and, & clothes that will make mom and daughter feel good!

Rita & Jill 


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